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Poole Fire Protection holds day-long seminar on fire protection
Poole Fire Protection held a day-long, complimentary educational seminar on September 19, 2013 for fire and building officials from across the state of Kansas, and even some from Missouri.
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The Kansas Preservation Alliance (KPA) awards the Riverside Apartments-Fort Leavenworth, Building 427
The Kansas Preservation Alliance (KPA) awards the Riverside Apartments-Fort Leavenworth, Building 427 with the
2013 Honor Award for Excellence. Poole Fire Protection provided consulting and engineering for this project.
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SFPE Oklahoma City Office starts SFPE chapter
Oklahoma City Office starts SFPE chapter - Poole Fire Protection was instrumental in starting an SFPE chapter in Oklahoma City. Two of our professionals, Dominique Noel and Brandon Wilkerson, were the driving force behind this.
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SFPE Corporate 100 Program
Poole Fire Protection is proud to be a member of the SFPE Corporate 100 Program!
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SFPE recently conferred it highest grade
of member – that of FELLOW – to new members, INCLUDING JACK POOLE.
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LetterRECENT Client Testimonial:

We recently received a wonderful letter of recommendation from a valued client, Rizzani De Eccher USA (located in Florida), regarding our assistance with a project on the AI Udeid Air Base in Doha, Qatar. The Client was the United States Corps of Engineers and it was for a design-build project consisting of multiple buildings on multiple sites, with a very stringent and demanding set of project specifications, and a very tight time schedule. Below are a few quotes from the email that accompanied the delivery of the letter:

" is a very rare thing when you meet someone with the level of integrity and enthusiasm as Jack [Poole] who is so willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done...It is clear that your team represents these qualities as well and I found working with them to be easy and effortless... Please express my deep gratitude to them as well."

"I find Jack to be one of the finest men I have had the chance to meet and work with in my over 25 years in the construction business."

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